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Cheap Walt Disney World Hotel

If you are looking for a cheap Walt Disney World hotel, Disney offers you with a couple options for your vacation. Known as the value resorts, the All Star and the Pop Century resorts are so full of amenities and activities that you won't even know you are staying at a cheap Walt Disney World hotel. While you will have to make a couple compromises by staying at a cheap Walt Disney World hotel, these allowances are nothing major and will not contribute negatively toward your Disney vacation.

The All Star resort is basically three resorts in one. The three branches are Movies, Music and Sports. Each of these branches of the All Star resort is heavily themed and contains their own pool. The artwork at the All Star resort is extremely large and colorful and gives the resort a fun feel. They meet up in the center where the main lobby for the resort is located. At this lobby you can find a cafeteria, arcade, gift shop and many other amenities available to you as a guest. The All Star resort was Disney's first value resort and is an excellent option for a cheap Walt Disney World hotel.

The Pop Century resort is laid out in a similar fashion. Each wing of the resort is themed after a different decade with larger than life artwork lining the walls and roofs of the buildings. Again, the wings meet up at the center of the resort at the lobby. At both the Pop Century and the All Star resorts, you can drive around to your specific room and park your car accordingly. You have free parking at all the Disney parks and attractions if you wanted to drive yourself.

Just because you're staying at a cheap Walt Disney World hotel, however, doesn't mean Disney excludes you from the amenities. As a resort guest you have access to Disney's transportation system. The bus system will pick you up at your resort and take you to any of Disney's major theme parks, water parks and shopping centers at no charge. You do not have to drive yourself anywhere on property if you don't wish to. You also have access to the various park promotions like early entry and the “Extra Magic Hours” which are available only to resort guests. If you bring your room key you can access certain parks either before it's open to the general public or after it's closed to the public. This is a great way to get a lot accomplished in the parks while the lines and crowds are greatly reduced.

If you choose to stay at a cheap Walt Disney World hotel, you can know that you will get a lot for your money. While the rooms may be a little bit smaller than the more expensive hotels and you may have a slightly longer bus drive to get to the parks, a cheap Walt Disney World hotel can be an excellent way to save money while vacationing at Disney World.