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Walt Disney World hotel reservations – How Much To Spend

When it comes time to make your Walt Disney World hotel reservations, it is important to know which kind of hotel you wish to spend your vacation at. If you are working off of a vacation budget, Disney offers you hotels that are in several different price levels so that you can make a choice to fit your budget. There are three different price levels to remember when making your Walt Disney World hotel reservations.

The first level, or the value level, is the cheapest and most affordable kind of Walt Disney World hotel reservations you can make. Disney incorporated these resorts into its park so that you could stay on property for a price similar to that which you’d find off property. There are a couple of value resorts on Disney property. The All Star and the Pop Century resorts offer visitors with the choice of a resort at an affordable price. While the value level resorts tend to be rather basic in comparison with the other resorts, these hotels still offer a wide variety of activities and amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. At a value level resort you can expect themed rooms, themed pools, cafeterias, arcades, gift stores, and access to the Disney transportation system. While the amenities at each resort vary depending on the resort you choose, you still can expect a luxurious stay for a decent price.

The next level of Walt Disney World hotel reservations includes the moderate resorts. These resorts feature the same amenities as the value level resorts with a few more extra benefits included. At the moderate resorts there are often more than one major pools as well as quiet pools scattered around the resort. The quiet pools are good if you don’t want to deal with the constant activity of the major pool. You can also find a sit down restaurant at the moderate resorts in addition to a cafeteria or café style dining option. Some of the moderate level hotels also offer convention rooms which are used for business meetings and receptions. There are several moderate level resorts to choose from including Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, Port Orleans, and many others. These resorts tend to be a little closer to the Disney parks than the value resorts as well.

The final and most luxurious Walt Disney World hotel reservations you can make are for the deluxe resorts. These resorts feature the best Disney has to offer, and there is a wide selection to choose from. Whether you want to stay at an African themed resort that has actual animals roaming outside your room’s window or would rather visit a resort that pays homage to the elegant history of Florida, you have many different themes and amenities to choose from. The deluxe resorts are located the closest to the parks with several of the hotels within walking distance of the parks. The rooms tend to be the largest and offer the most amenities inside. You also have access to a wide array of benefits throughout the deluxe resorts including multiple pools, bars, salons, spas, lounges, restaurants, activities and many more fun things. If you are looking for a resort that offers a wide variety of things to do, make your Walt Disney World hotel reservations at a deluxe resort.

No matter what price level of Walt Disney World hotel reservations you choose to make, you can be sure that your stay at a Disney hotel will be a pleasant one. Disney strives to provide its visitors with amenities and benefits to make their visit as memorable as possible whether you go with a value resort or a deluxe resort. Your Walt Disney World hotel reservations are the first step to a wonderful Disney vacation.