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Walt Disney World Hotels – The Basics

Walt Disney World hotels help to make your Disney vacation a unique and exciting experience. The Walt Disney World hotels that are available to you on Disney property offer a variety of benefits and amenities to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. When choosing which of the many Walt Disney World hotels you want to stay at, you have many factors to consider.

The first aspect of choosing one of the Walt Disney World hotels is to know your budget. Disney World offers a variety of hotels for every budget. If you want to stay at a resort but not pay a lot of money, Disney has options for you. If you want the full luxury resort experience, however, there are several Walt Disney World hotels that cater to that market as well. Once you know your budget, you can easily narrow down which of the many hotels you want to stay at. If you need to narrow your decision down even more, you can choose your resort based on its theming. Walt Disney World takes great pride in its ability to create a well-themed environment for its visitors. You can step into a Disney park, resort, or other attraction and forget you are in the real world. The theming allows you to immerse yourself entirely within the Walt Disney World experience. Each of the many Walt Disney World hotels features a unique theme. From an African safari to a Polynesian getaway to a music and movie themed resort, there are many hotels and themes to choose from.

The next step in choosing your Walt Disney World hotels is to find out if there are any specials and discounts available to help reduce the cost of your stay. Disney will often try to make your stay more affordable, especially if you visit at certain times of the year. If you know these times or know of any other discounts and promotions, you can easily stay at one of the Walt Disney World hotels for a cheaper price. You can also include any of the Walt Disney World hotels into your official Disney vacation package. Sometimes you can even get a better rate on the hotel room each night by bundling it into your vacation package.

If you are looking for hotels that are not themed quite as much as the regular Walt Disney World hotels, you can book a room at the Downtown Disney resorts. These hotels, located within walking distance of Disney’s shopping area, are not owned by Disney, but are still very close to all the action. Some of these hotels also offer shuttles to the various Disney theme parks as well. Because they are not owned by Disney, you can also occasionally get a cheaper price on the rooms at these resorts than you would at the Walt Disney World hotels.

Whatever you choose to do in regards to the Walt Disney World hotels, you have several options to pick from. While it may be hard to pick your favorite resort, the abundance of choices means you can have a different experience each time you visit Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney World hotels provide you with a taste of Disney even after you finish your day at the Disney parks.